Why Choose Benchmark?

To provide bespoke commercial consultancy and system solutions to the world of packaging.

Our Values

To work with leading organisations applying our knowledge and system capabilities to address the commercial challenges the packaging industry faces today.  

Our History

The business was founded because of the growing demand for transparency and the need to understand how the cost drivers in the packaging industry, ultimately influence the unit price. 


Integrity, trust, professionalism and reliability are our core values. We strive to build partnerships with our clients and with their stake holders to achieve mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships.

Our View

Cost drivers are often turbulent, as a result the total unit price is far less predictable. This can be due to fundamentals such as; oil, pulp, supply versus demand and energy, or downstream to raw materials; inks, adhesives, freight or currency. Given this complexity, the professionals working in both the procurement and sales are spending an increased amount of time managing price movement and less on total cost. This situation is exacerbated as new procurement and vendor representatives are in the role for ever decreasing lengths of time. As a result, state-of-the-art tools are critical to ensure a truncated learning curve is achieved, in addition to driving commercial best practice as a standard operating procedure throughout the organisation.

Our Team

We have deep functional and industry expertise, we are passionate about taking on commercial challenges that matter to our clients. Drawing on over 80 years' experience in the packaging industry, the team at Benchmark Consulting have consolidated their knowledge to develop a universal estimating and 'should-cost modelling' tool. Along with other tools and techniques, our aim is to aid in efficient decision making for purchasing and sales professionals.

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