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With minimal clicks of a mouse complex estimates can be produced in less than 2 minutes, for all manufacturing processes be that; extrusion, print, lamination, bag/pouching, slitting, corrugation, pre-print, post print, diecutting, folding and glueing. For corrugate and solid board, a CAD plug-in automatically interlocks (nests) blanks on a sheet to optimise sheet size & machine width.

Further efficiencies can be gained with integration into an ERP system.

With each estimate all manufacturing process routes are presented, either for one site or multiple, listing the results from cheapest to most expensive. This enables instant data based decision making rather than legacy or routine driving the site/asset which is used.

​The above is complimented with a full breakdown, for each quantity requested, of your companies contribution margin scheme and key cost drivers. 

Data can be imported via spreadsheet templates to the estimating system, reducing duplication of time and effort on large complex tenders. It can also be used to model various scenarios instantaneously, e.g. different materials, thicknesses or production routes through a factory.

Data can be exported to a spreadsheet for further bespoke analysis to be conducted and provide a full summary cost breakdown by SKU. The cost model will also recognise minimum run criteria and identify campaign print opportunities, such that your commercial vision can be accurately realised in the quotation.

Our web-based solution validates all data entry, in order to guide the user and avoid errors in estimating and protect against corruption of the data & system.

We take security seriously, so access to our system is granted via a username, password and Captcha functionality. Password rules can be set at a company level for complexity, reset frequency and aligned with your corporate IT policy.


If corporate policy dictates that your data should be held on in-house servers, we can host our database behind your firewall. 

Please contact the team at Benchmark Consulting for an online demonstration.

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