Consulting Global Ltd

We are commercial experts and system solution providers to the world of packaging. Providing procurement and vendors cost modelling via our unique web-based portal.

Our Services:

Commercial Excellence for Convertors
Web Based Estimating

All business costs and performance data are captured to generate prices for a solitary design to many thousands in a single process.

Commercial Auditing

Commercial Auditing

Large Scale Tenders

We move the focus of the tender process away from the administrative task to strategic decision making.


Multi-site, multi asset and peer analysis / auditing of both business operational and financial measures is straightforward.


Commercial Excellence for Procurement

Should Cost Modelling

Change is inevitable e.g. price of raw materials, dimensions, gauge, volumes, inks, the number of colours etc. Each is an opportunity for ‘supplier margin creep’.

Tender Management

Our approach to RFX can reduce the time required to complete the process to days and deliver sustainable pricing formulae for future unit price management.

Open Book Costing

If the buyer separates the ex-works price from the delivered price the journey has begun. The only question is how much more detail is required?