Key Account Management is often where the most commercial complexity lies. Large brand owners not only have numerous specifications, design references and delivery locations, they often request key cost drivers to be itemised at a SKU level. The net result is a large, often time consuming, tender process which seldom yields the desired outcome.

The estimating tool from Benchmark Consulting, enables a user to upload a spread sheet of data representing the hundreds of design references contained within a customer RFQ and view SKU level costing/pricing instantly in an Excel download. To support this, each SKU is fully itemised for all cost drivers, allowing the user to simply copy and paste data to complete the customer tender document.

Ultimately a tender process is only a matter of days rather than weeks, allowing the time to consider the best strategic approach, rather than competing with the administrative task.

Large Scale Tenders

Large scale analysis can also be used to benchmark multiple sites within a  group. Once a tender document is populated in an upload spread sheet, or a sites customer portfolio, it is a simple case of copying and pasting the data in Excel in order to create a duplicate and adjust the machine references to the new site. This will drive the same results albeit for an alternative site, allowing for the two sites to be benchmarked. 

This allows existing business to be assessed and new business to be allocated, to the most cost effective site and asset, rather than allowing legacy to drive the decision. 

Efficient and accurate analysis on large data sets has also proven invaluable when assessing new asset acquisition proposals. The portfolio which is intended for the new asset can be applied to the estimated running conditions of the new asset and instantly highlight if the acquisition is going to achieve the required margin levels for your group.

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