Commercial Audit

When assessing the feedback from a tender submission, it is often a case of finding a balance between; the importance of winning the business versus the credibility of the feedback itself.

Once your business is installed on the cost model, the team at Benchmark Consulting can commercially audit your business. We take the best-in-class, costs and operational performance data, seen in the industry and benchmark this against your actual performance. This enables us to highlight areas of strength and improvement, allowing you to target business which is best suited to your capabilities.

This process can be taken one stage further, such that specific competitors can be assessed, regardless of location or assets and benchmarked against your business. Once again highlighting areas of strength and improvement.

To further support this process, the team at Benchmark Consulting can take a deep dive look in to specific tender submissions and validate the feedback ​received. We would aim to provide suggestions as to how the tender can be approached in future in order to improve your success rate.

Please contact the team at Benchmark Consulting for an online demonstration.

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